Monday, 21 September 2015

Mac making a 3 digit number!

Great work Mac!

Maths Task for Students and Brothers & Sisters and Parents and Caregivers and Grandparents and Aunties & Uncles.....

How Many? 

Bronnie and Simon are organising drinks and packets of chips for the school disco. 

They want to estimate how many of each they will need. 

They have the following information: 

• There are 11 classes coming to the disco. 
• Each class has about 27 students. 
• Usually about 75% of the students come. 
• There are 20 packets of chips in a box. 
• Each person will be given 1 packet of chips and 1 cup of juice. 


1. Bronnie and Simon have 1 L bottles of juice. They want to fill cups that hold 125 mL. How many cups can they pour from 1 bottle of juice? 

2. They don’t want to have lots of juice and chips left over. How many bottles of juice and boxes of chips should they buy?

Jo Boaler's Seven Messages to Maths Students